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reviews of Garvey-Anderson Chiropractic

" Dr. Anderson and staff were amazing! They were able to see me the same week I called. I recieved a 30 minute massage, hot packs and an adjustment and left feeling much better!! The staff were kind and accommodating."

Meagan F.


" Just want to say thank you to Mr. Garvey . He was amazing to me and helped me through a lot of pain that has overwhelmed me.
As for Jeremy I congratulate him considering my disability issues are major he has helped me through some serious flare ups , and appreciate his expertise helping me toward a healthy life."

Benita C.

" Love this crew, I've seen both Garvey and Anderson, both are amazing and I highly recommend their services. Couple of twists and the pain melted away both times."


" Staff is super friendly and the doctor is very kind. He explains where and why the pain is happening. He is helpful with disability and tries various remedies."

Christine M.

"Dr. Jereme Anderson is a wonderful Chiropractor who really listens to the needs of the patient. He uses modern therapy to help relax you before an adjustment. The patient questionnaire is thorough so Dr. Anderson can really understand your needs. The adjustments that he does are swift, gentle but firm and effective. I enjoyed my time healing with Dr. Anderson and I look forward to working with him to help me to have optimum heal overall. I highly recommend him as he has a good understanding of different treatments and therapies to fit anyone's needs."

Becca B.

"Dr. Anderson has been adjusting me for quite a while now. His style and techniques seem to jive really well with my body. I have been adjusted by other chiro's but it seems like they go too hard and caused soreness and pains instead of relief. I seem to know right away whenever I need an adjustment because I will wake up with aches and pains. I pick up a lot of toddlers at work and stay pretty active. It seems like 1 side or the other will tend to be in pain the next day. All of this is easy stuff for Dr. A and the reason I am keeping up my visits every 3 weeks. He also takes my insurance (Kaiser Perm)Ne which allows me 30 chiro visits a year I think At this point he is extremely tuned into my problems. I also do nutrition with dr. A for cramp relief and allergies. And I just got some custom foot inserts which are helping quite a bit so far. Thanks so much, Dr. Anderson!!! 5 stars!!! AAA+++"

London E.

“ The best chiropractor in town. ”

Alex Brioni

“ I can not explain how much it is a relief to have this practice in My town. He made my lower back pain gone! With a combination of his chiropractic skills and the deep bottom massage, the pain I had in my lower back is gone! It was honestly a Big life change to not be in pain 24/7 and I still need to work. Thank you! ”

Gabrielle Becker

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