How Chiropractics Can Help with Weight Loss

How Chiropractics Can Help with Weight Loss

Many people today struggle to maintain their waistline. There have been a significant number of studies that correlate our weight, or rather, excess weight, to shortened lifespans, reduced quality of life and an increase in all sorts of diseases. People are often focused on the newest fad diet or exercise routine to help them reduce their body fat percentages and maintain weight loss. A visit with your chiropractor adds another layer to your ability to fight the battle of your expanding midline.

Chiropractic and the Impact on Weight


At the beginning of each January, weight loss fads and gym membership applications skyrocket, only to taper off during the next few months. People often focus on one aspect of their lifestyle to reduce their weight. However, these aspects don’t focus on an overall healthy lifestyle. If you can change your focus to be living better for the rest of your life, you may start to find that you can bring some balance to your future weight loss endeavor. When used as a part of your weight loss routine, people that receive chiropractic care see faster and longer lasting results.

Chiropractic adjustments aren’t considered a cardio workout in themselves, but patients who are maintaining a healthy diet and getting regular exercise can really benefit from adjustments. Chiropractors can help to keep us free from injury and reduce fatigue. Additionally, chiropractic adjustments are also linked to our digestive systems. This allows our bodies to readily process the foods that we eat to properly fuel a workout while disposing of the waste.

A Properly Aligned Spine


Athletes at any level are at an increased risk for injury. The physical movements that we make when we work out can place additional stress on all our joints making movement more difficult. When we feel pain in our joints, we tend to reduce the workload. Chiropractic adjustments help to keep your joints in their best physical condition. It should be no secret, that when you feel better, you can work harder. Your increased output will result in more calories burned. When this is paired with proper nutrition, you can expect to see big losses on the scale.

Many chiropractors are specifically geared to work with weight loss. In addition to specialized techniques that help keep you in the best shape, they can offer exercise and nutritional information. If you’re considering pairing your weight loss plan with chiropractic talk to your chiropractor. They are a wealth of underutilized knowledge.

Barbells and Chiropractors


When we think of building lean muscle, we often think about lifting barbells and dumbbells, but studies show that the act of getting an adjustment can lead to better muscle tone. As our bodies build muscle, the fat that we consume isn’t immediately placed into stores. This means that it makes it harder for the body to gain additional weight.

Additionally, properly aligned joints and the adjustments themselves can lead to reduced muscle fatigue and more rapid healing than rest alone. Chiropractic adjustments allow your muscles to relax which puts them into the best state to be healed.

Stopping Injuries Before They Stop You


Chiropractors are experts at spotting issues with our joints and alignment. As they work through your appointment, they may find issues before they become more serious. This allows you to take precautions before you really hurt yourself and sideline your weight loss plan. If you can recognize the injury early, it takes less time to heal, and you have a better chance of a full recovery.



If you are getting serious about fighting for your health, it’s time to cut out the extra weight. While you should consider a multi-faceted approach, you should also work with your chiropractor to identify the best plan for you. With their ability to keep your body in top operating condition, their advice on exercise and nutrition can also be invaluable and help you reach your goals.