Auto Accident

Auto Accident

Auto Accidents Can Be Sooo Frustrating!
But Lucky for You ... Chiropractic Works!

Over the past 20 years we have successfully worked with 1000's of car accidents patients and their respective attorneys. We are known for efficiency, a polite bedside manner and getting the job done right.

Important things to know:

  • Our bilingual chiropractic clinic specializes in auto accident pain relief and rehabilitation; specialization should be an important deciding factor in choosing your chiropractor for your accident legal case-- the right diagnoses are important to be paid THE MOST

  • A chiropractor is a specialist in musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries. Chiropractic actually fixes the cause of your pain via the hands-on adjustment. Injuries are healed more rapidly with the help of the chiropractic adjustment. Please understand pain medication simply masks the pain temporarily, only for pain to return again and again (and again ...). A Chiropractor is focused on pain relief for the short and long terms.

  • Medical insurance may deny payments to doctors if they know the injury was caused by a car accident; most MD's do not understand this since they bill insurance exclusively

  • Getting a personal injury attorney and using a medical lien with a chiropractor (who specializes in automobile accidents) is your best bet after an accident. All medical care, including any other authorized medical visits or advanced imaging (MRI, etc), will be paid by the attorney when the case is finished-- not you!

  • Most auto accident victims will receive a monetary pay out called "pain and suffering" at the end of their treatments and at the conclusion of the settlement

At our clinic you can expect meticulous medical reports, records and fair bills. Our Office Manager ensures records are promptly sent when treatment is completed.

The Dr. will ensure medical documentation is top notch with proper orthopedic tests and appropriate personal injury diagnoses. And if your condition is beyond the scope of our practice, then advanced imaging will be ordered and a medical specialist referral will be made.

What we know for sure is if you experienced a major car accident in the past and never received chiropractic care, the chance of your pain returning is almost guaranteed.

Give us a call at 209-726-3000 or come into the office and we can help you begin your auto accident recovery!

Time is of the essence!

Read on for more details...

​​​​​​​So How Does it All Work?
As long as you were not "at fault" for your accident, our clinic accepts Medical Liens which allows patients to get pain relief without worrying about upfront payments. Medical liens are typically paid by your attorney after your case is settled. Most auto accident victims may receive a monetary payout known as "pain and suffering." These are just a few of the important things most do not understand about personal injury cases.

Why Chiropractic?
A Chiropractor has received Doctorate level medical education (equal to or more than MD's) and has passed certain standardized practical and written National Board exams. Subjects included Physical Therapy and injury rehabilitation, among others. They are the preferred Doctors for spine and whole body pain associated with traumatic accidents . Our main job and overall goal is to get your body feeling like it did before the accident. Chiropractic is the preferred non pharmacological pain relief therapy. Chiropractors believe you should always have a non-chemical (and non-surgical) choice for pain relief.

Chiropractic is a process!
Like establishing a new bed time or even breaking an addiction, for whatever reasons your body tends to resist change. After an accident or fall (or any trauma), the body likes to hold itself painfully tight. Chiropractic seeks to change the body, from holding tight and being in pain to increasingly greater periods of relaxation and relief. We continue our therapy until you feel the same as you did before your accident. So frequent chiropractic adjustments are powerful enough to reprogram the body from pain to relief!

Chiropractic Should be Experienced
We believe experiencing something for yourself means everything!

​​​​​​​A long-time chiropractic patient understands Chiropractic Works! They also know it is actually affordable as well (if you must pay out of pocket). In many cases these patients have already exhausted other medical avenues (pain killers, injections, etc.) but their pain returns again and again and again. A chiropractor seeks to actually correct the problem instead of hide it.

​​​​​​​A small percentage of cutting edge MD's will refer you to an effective chiropractor whom their patients are mentioning. However, ​​​​​most MD's will rarely refer you to a chiropractor. This is because chiropractic lies outside the realm (& mind) of main stream Western pharmaceutical medicine and medical education in the US. They are simply focused on diseases and drugs, not natural remedies and methods.

The bottom line is most MD's have also never tried chiropractic!!!

The official musculoskeletal therapy of the medical world is physical therapy. However, most MD's never got the memo that patients in pain (with movement) will experience sky rocketing pain if they are sent to PT after a fresh traumatic injury. PT may be appropriate post-surgery to increase ranges of motion, but stretching and strengthening is the 2nd step to recovery after pain has been reduced with time (and chiropractic) first. However, every chiropractor has received a national board certification in physical therapy as well so prescribing appropriate exercises and stretches is also part of the scope of chiropractic.

And most people are not aware of a court ruling in 1987 where it was proven MD's had organized for the purpose of systematically discrediting and destroying Chiropractic (and midwives). The case took 10 years to win (Wilk v. AMA). Fortunately there are US laws preventing these kinds of monopolies, but some industries still have too much money, lobbying power, perceived authority and fear-based holds over the public. Because their gains have been so great for so long, they are the ones with the most to lose.

It is amusing to understand that Western Medicine DOES actually embrace the chiropractic adjustment. However, they do so via their own version of an offshoot occupational title which is fully authorized and endorsed by the medical world-- the Osteopathic Doctor. These doctors briefly learn how to "manipulate" the joints in medical school, but rarely use their skills after they go into practice. This is because they also learned pharmacology (aka prescription drugs). It is the D.O. who is responsible for perscribing the most prescription drugs in the USA. If you want the best adjusting experience, then please visit a Chiropractor who adjusts 1000's of patients per year as opposed to the Osteopath who's only focusing on prescribing drugs.

Part of a Chiropractor's philosophy is to SERVE their communities with non-pharmacologically pain relief options. A Chiropractor does things naturally and holistically, so there are minimal side effects. The MD's own oath comes to mind-- "First, do no harm." Chiropractors believe the body is intelligent and capable of maintaining ongoing, non-pain homeostasis if the cause(s) of the underlying pain(s) are addressed. These causes are addressed and readdressed through a series of hands-on chiropractic adjustments.

What About Pain Killers?
It may be OK to take prescription pain pills and receive injections on a temporary basis. However, logically speaking this is not a good longterm plan. Addiction, digestive problems, nausea, liver and kidney issues, high blood pressure and osteoporosis (bone weakening) may be just a few of the longterm side effects of temporary prescription pain medication used longterm. What's more is that these chemicals do nothing to actually fix the cause of pain-- only mask it temporarily!

Back Pain Rarely Goes Away on its Own
Serious prescription pain med's, which only mask the pain, is like putting a piece of tape over the check engine light on your car. Or smashing a fire alarm with a hammer instead of putting out the fire. The underlying cause of pain is never fully addressed and is likely to return again and again.

Studies have shown that if you do not seek out chiropractic care after a traumatic accident, early arthritis (especially in your neck after whiplash) can be the longterm result. Spinal joints (vertebra) and all the body's joints can go out of alignment and cause muscles to tighten and thus cause pain. There may also be painful swelling and irratation in the many spinal joint capsules. A Chiropractor can correct these misalignments. With each successive treatment, your body will begin to relax and feel like it did before your accident.

Why is My Body So Tight?
When a body suffers a traumatic injury it's response is to tighten up so as to minimize further damage. The recovery process can sometimes be a long up and down road depending on your age and other complicating factors. The road to recovery can be much longer if you continue to do physical labor while injured. The body needs rest to recover. The recovery process involves training your body to stop tightening up so quickly after your chiropractic adjustments. This takes time, patience and repetition.

Chiropractic is all-natural and holistic. Just like the need to keep retaking prescription pain pills, the chiropractic adjustment is also intended to be done repetitively. Although every patient is unique and treated on a case-by-case basis, repetition of the adjustment will allow the body to experience gradual pain relief.

How Can a Chiropractor Help with my Auto Accident Pain?
Most people will instinctively go to the local ER, urgent care or PCP hoping they can magically fix auto accident back pain. Understand auto accident pain is unlike any other kind of pain you've had before. The MD will try their best to rule in things they can treat such as fractures, organ damage and more serious complaints. However, most pain associated with auto accidents comes from back sprains and strains of ligaments and muscles-- soft tissue injury!

And technically speaking, if you go to an MD or hospital after a car accident medical insurance will deny the claims because auto insurance should NOT be used after an auto accident. This is why we all have medical coverage on our auto insurance policies. This is why it is important to seek out an attorney and send them your unpaid bills. Auto insurance companies love to take your premiums, but will kick and scream if they have to pay out any actual money owed. An experienced attorney is the best route to take when the damage to your car is significant. They will handle all insurance calls. Insurance calls can be full of tricks to settle your accident early by dangling money in front of you before you seek out chiropractic care. The only problem is we do not know how much care you will need until we go through the rehabilitation process. What if you need more care than what was offerred?

A chiropractor is a specialist in musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries. The recovery process can be up and down, which can be very frustrating. What's more is that medical insurance will deny payments to doctors if they know the injury was caused by a car accident. That is why contacting an attorney and using a medical lien with a chiropractor is your best bet. All medical care, including any other medical visits, will be paid by the attorney when the case is finished-- not you! This is your best route after an auto accident.

Give us a call at 209-726-3000 or come into the office and we can help you begin your auto accident recovery!

​​​​​​​Time is of the essence!