Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Programs

Many businesses today are struggling to navigate the world of health care to maintain a healthy workforce. While the markets may be changing, chiropractic care is a stable avenue that keeps employees feeling better, increases productivity and strengthens retention. Let’s take a better look at what corporate wellness programs can offer your company and why you should consider increasing options for employees.

Improved Employee Health


It is hard to imagine that any employer would say that they don’t care about the health of their employees, but many companies feel that wellness programs are an excess expense. The companies that cut back on wellness expenses soon find that they have increased their cost in other areas. When employees feel that their health is valued, they are more likely to be motivated to be at work.  Additionally, when they have access to medical care, they can catch illness or injury before it affects their work performance.

Reduction in Unnecessary Surgeries


Employees that can access health care services are more likely to be well-versed on any issues that they are having. They are more likely to seek professional answers and to feel like they can take control of their health. This means that more employees can make healthy life choices when it comes to diet and exercise. When employees stack the deck in their favor, they are less likely to be diagnosed with conditions that require surgery or are able to look into less invasive options first.

Overall Cost Savings


Health insurance costs increase as the number of people requiring expensive medical care goes up. As companies expand their costs in preventative care, education, and incentives – they see an overall reduction in health-related expenses. This can be seen in the reduced number of missed workdays, lack of productivity, and expensive specialists or doctor visits. A recent study even suggests that for every $1 spent on corporate wellness, that the companies saw a savings of $2.13 to $10.10 through lower medical costs, reduced number of missed workdays and increased productivity.

Employee Retention


There are several factors that relate to employees seeking other work options. One common issue is that employees don’t feel like they matter to the company. Wellness programs are an excellent option for corporations to directly demonstrate their view on the value of the employee and their well-being. When companies make investments in their employees, employees are more likely to feel invested within the company. The building of strong bonds between employees helps to increase retention that lowers overall costs in training, hiring, and all the issues that are related to the termination of poor performing employees.

Chiropractic and Wellness Programs


If you are looking at wellness programs for your company, you should consider many of the options that are offered. Chiropractic services can be especially attractive for employers to add to their package. Chiropractic adjustments are commonly linked to workplace injuries or illness and can help to alleviate or reduce the adverse effects of the workplace on your employees. Additionally, your chiropractor may even travel to your company location which will result in an increase in time at work and participation in the wellness program. Chiropractors offer a cost-effective way to reduce headaches, back or neck pain, poor digestion and many other common issues associated with today’s working professionals.



The workplace is becoming increasingly competitive to attract and keep the best talent for your company. If you are considering making an investment in your employees, you should contact a chiropractor today to discuss the many benefits that they can offer for your staff. When employees feel that they are valued at a company, they return the investment into your bottom line.